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Seeing Opportunity

Great opportunities are not seen with your eyes. They are seen with your mind. ~ Robert Kiyosaki

Robert is one of my all time favorite authors and wealth creation coaches. He’s not a personal coach, but I extract his coaching by way of books, audio’s and video’s. His insight into business, investing and wealth creation has had a profound effect on my life and the lives of other friends who have also found a wealth of knowledge in his basic financial and easy to understand teachings.

The opportunity thought in his quote above was a fascinating truth. Most everyone wants opportunity (whether they admit it or not) Most say they are always looking for opportunity, but few can ever be found actually acting on an opportunity. I figure there are a couple of reasons for this. The first might be that they may be looking for the gold-plated opportunity presented on a silver platter where nothing can go wrong and there is no risk. By the way, these don’t exist simply because they seldom (if ever) make it outside the circle of serious investors who know how to act immediately and have the resources to do so. I would say that the other group who don’t act on opportunity are those who actually do find an opportunity but for what ever reason cannot muster up the courage to act on it.

I’ve spent plenty of time pounding away at the “Not Willing to Act” group, so I’m not going there today. I think that today, I will focus on seeing the opportunities in the first place. I firmly believe that opportunities are reserved for those who are able to see the missing parts of a situation. Usually, the more hidden the problems are, the bigger the opportunities are. It takes no special skill to take advantage of something that is smooth and successful. But there are seldom real opportunities for reward there either. The true skill of spotting a big opportunity with a big reward attached is the ability to see what “isn’t” there. Or, see what’s missing or what is being mismanaged or misused. Those things are not seen with your eyes because those things are missing or abstract. You have to be able to see with your mind’s eye all of the things you can’t see with your natural eyes.

There is also a truth that exists that the risk associated with opportunity is very real. The irony is that most risk can be mitigated with some education and knowledge. I personally find it ironic that few every seek out advice regarding an opportunity from those who have been successful in a specific area. Many will ask nearly everyone else and banter opinions about that have very little. Then, either act or not based on bad information.

Seeing opportunity is mostly about looking at things that do not seem to be successful and identifying what needs to change to make it successful. In sort, seeing the possibilities, not the problems!


Strategy for Saving $1,378

A few months ago I posted this very cool strategy for saving $1,378 over the course of a year. I was somewhat shocked at the response. In less than 24 hours it had received several hundred views and dozens of shares. (not quite viral as internet standards are concerned, but for my posts, it was amazing since most of the time they only get 20-30 views) I decided to post it again because I want to try to make a wealth building point with it.

52 week challengeFirst of all, if you want to save up almost $1,400 over one year this really is a cool challenge to get it done. The thing that started me thinking though was how popular this was and how excited people seemed to get (at least from the comments I received) over $1,378.

Personally, even though this is an interesting plan, I would never have the patience for it. The reason is that it represents a “saving” mentality which is a “slow result” process. I know, I’ve done it before. I remember my first attempt at saving as a process of investing. I was putting money into a mutual fund FOREVER! And after FOREVER, there seemed to be almost no progress. and worse yet, at 3% to 5% growth, there was almost no ROI. (return on investment)

After about 3 years of this, I told my investment broker to get lost! He argued with me, but, it was my money and he finally got lost.

Ultimately I learned the difference between saving and investing. My investing activities have turned as little as $1,500 in just a few days up to as much as $25,000 in a few weeks. I can’t get $25,000 every time out, but there is almost no problem turning $2,000 to $3,000 in a few weeks if I take the notion to just do it.

Here’s the point. If I can get hundreds of views and great comments by posting this chart on this page it tells me that people are hungry for some strategy to create some income. At the same time, turning a profit through a little bit of business or investing seems to remain a completely un-thinkable strategy to the very same group. Why is that?   Honestly, I wish I understood it. If saving $1,378 in 52 weeks is exciting, how much better would it be to do the same thing in just a few weeks?

I’ve done up to $25,000 in just a few weeks before in real estate investing. And that was not flipping a house for a profit! that was simply buying the right property, financing a rehab on it and putting into my regular rental inventory with $25,000 left over! (if you don’t understand how that works, you haven’t been reading this blog enough!) Besides real estate, I’ve created over $2,400 in income simply doing a blog with an income feature connected to it. (If you don’t understand how that works, go to THIS LINK  and watch a video explaining that method)Yu can also go to Millionaire On Deck to get a lot of FREE wealth building information and resources.

I guess my point is that if you are willing to spend a year saving up $1,378, you should be willing to try out some other things that can get you there a lot quicker. I am not a get rich quick advocate, but I’m certainly a get rich quicker than saving an average of $3.87 per day for a year advocate.

If you are the type that gets excited about the chart above, try getting excited about doing something that can get the same results in 30 days!

NOW……..If you aren’t the type to discipline yourself to committing to get results, then maybe you better stick to the $3.87 per day approach!

One Year of On-Line Blog Marketing

I just realized that it was one year ago today that we started our Internet Marketing “adventure”. I call it an adventure because that’s kind of what it’s become for us. Many of you know I started this because I wanted to learn how to improve our search engine rankings for our resorts. Not to necessarily to earn income from the marketing itself.

http://www.empowerfrontier.netMany decided to “give it a try” themselves. Most have not followed through. Still we have received income every single week on Friday from the very first week. That’s amazing to me. Has it been as lucrative as I hoped. No, but it’s been more than I expected. And truth be known, It’s been comparable to my effort and commitment. For example, We have been very busy with our resorts (Cross Timbers Cabins) from October through middle of January and have literally ignored our blogging business. Income keeps rolling in!

If you were one of the ones who jumped in and then back out, that’s okay. if you are still hanging in there, that’s good too. My advice to those still “IN” is to either get serious about it, get the advanced products and press forward, or get out. There’s no point in spending money on things you will never use. If you’re “OUT and want to give it another “more serious” try, go to empowerfrontier and re-register and decide you are going to make it work.

I still believe that learning to market your business in “Cyberspace” is going to allow you to dominate your competitors that decide to not learn it. For that reason alone, the investment in the education and tools is WELL WORTH IT! At least it is to me!

If you are a business person, I’m going to give you one of my biggest “Secret Weapons”! Auto-Responder! I had never even heard of such a thing before. Now that I’ve experienced just how powerful it is. My businesses will never be without it. If you want to get this working for you. Follow this link: Get My Auto-Responder Now! You can try it out for one dollar for the first month.

Of course, Real Estate Investing has still been our staple, but we are now adding the muscle of internet marketing to EVERYTHING we do with our real estate business. If you would like to see one example of how we have taken our real estate to the next level, go to Millionaire on Deck and look for the subscribe forms on the home page. We offer FREE daily tips and techniques through our “Investips” subscription. And we offer a FREE series of beginners Real Estate Investment instruction through that subscription. ALL OF IT is just little bits and pieces of what we’ve learned through the On-Line Marketing system Click Here to see that again!

One year ago I began my education process for learning internet marketing. It’s now one year later, have you decided to get in the game. A year from now it will be yet another year later. Sometimes you just have to start!

The Soul of the Entrepreneur

I chuckled to myself the other day while reading an article where the author referred to entrepreneurs as having a defective gene that caused them to be the way they are. Perhaps it was the best description I had heard yet. In a way, he may have been correct. If you have that gene, you will know it because it’s like being a tea pot that is constantly over a blazing fire, boiling all the time with ideas continually whistling out of the spout. No matter how much you try to shut it down, it just never shuts down.

entrepreneur mindI’m certain the author of the article understood this all too well. He had been an employee of Disney and was fired because he didn’t fit into the mold of a “good employee”. Once freed of the constraints of his job, he began to pursue his passions, eventually building several successful businesses. His latest project was to turn the economy of a neighborhood around and he’s pretty much doing so single-handedly by providing jobs, housing, educational grants and seed capital for new businesses.

This was an inspiring story to me because it told a “not-so-often-told” story of someone having a huge positive influence in the community around him. It made me think of how building community is just one of the many characteristics of true entrepreneurs. Sure, we are always over-charged with business ideas, plans, strategies and the like. Those things are the building blocks of the economy. Some of the ideas actually make the entrepreneur wealthy. Many don’t. The point is though that if you don’t understand the soul or spirit of an entrepreneur, you will likely always misinterpret what drives them.

Here’s, to me, the secret of the “defective gene”. If you were to take the financial rewards away from the entrepreneur, it would change nothing. Financial reward is the by-product of pursuing what you love to do and what you are passionate about. When a blossoming entrepreneur is “discovering” himself, financial reward may be the spark that begins to move things into motion. Sooner or later though the soul of the entrepreneur will come alive and life will forever change for the entrepreneur. Once this happens, the financial rewards become a side note as the true passion begins to come into focus.

My personal experience with this proves it’s truth to me. Before yielding to the inner entrepreneur, I held various jobs. When employed where my creative tendencies were “free to roam”, I did pretty well. When working a repetitive job, (food service, factory, retail) I went out of my mind with boredom. I would lay awake at night in agony over having to get up and go do it again. (I’m breaking out in a cold sweat just thinking about it)

Getting a taste of the freedom to pursue ideas was like stepping outside to get a big deep breath of clean air. Once there, going back is nearly impossible. In fear and apprehension, I made a couple of different entrepreneurial “break outs” and then ran back to the “security” of a steady job. But it was too late. You CAN’T go back once you’ve taken your first steps. Yes, there will be days you want to flee in terror of the perceived “uncertainty”, but eventually that fades.

If nurtured through infancy, the life of the entrepreneur becomes its own reward. We function around our passion rather than an alarm clock or a work schedule. We occasionally lie awake at night building things in our head wishing the sun would hurry up and get here so we can go to work building them with our hands. We have a terribly hard time understanding why others don’t pursue their passions with the same intensity. To us, a time clock may as well be a pair of hand cuffs locking us up in a strange kind of “house arrest” for eight to ten hours a day. But the biggest difference is that we tend to see the future as a bright place full of hope and opportunity just waiting to be discovered.

Eventually, the spirit of the entrepreneur makes life difficult in a couple of ways. We can only seem to relate to others who have similar perspectives and we actually need them in our lives as a kind of support group. No one else seems to understand our enthusiasm for transforming ideas into reality. We need friends who can run around and play with us who are not locked into rigid work schedules. Eventually, we find ourselves in a world where if we get a good idea today, we can be working to make it a reality tomorrow.

IF…… have this defective gene buried in your gene pool somewhere, suppressed in fear that it may take over if given room to breath, you have a choice. Kill it while you can. Or…….Set it free.

Purpose and Focus

I watched a thought provoking video last night about how much of our lives are spent doing all the things we do and how little is left over for us to spend doing things we believe to be important to us. I was fascinated by the parts where we spend our time doing things of really no value, ie: watching T.V. (or playing games on our phones) After watching this, I am even more challenged to continue finding those things that have purpose for me and continue to focus my productive time and attention on them.

Do I Even Need to Explain This?

You can’t catch one of these….


Fishing here!

small pond

Do I even need to explain this?

Crashing into the Boundaries of our Comfort Zone

Once again, I was out the other day with one of my good friends, and probably soon-to-be business partner. We were continuing to scout locations for a project we are working on. As we drove through one location just to get some ideas, he looked at me and said; “We’re thinking too small”! He was referring to the size and scope of what we were looking at compared to the size and scope of what we were planning. In this particular context, our project seemed like a “week-end back yard project”. In reality, it’s a $3 million plus sized project. It just proves that perspective is everything.

I’ve been thinking about this for a few days now and trying to decide if what we are planning really is too big (or maybe too small). When compared to a few rental houses, this project is big. When compared to the project we drove through, you need to break out the magnifying glass and tweezers just to find our little $3 million project. Perspective. Our project is too big or too small based on our perspective.

Now that I am acclimated to $3 million being a “just right” sized project for my comfort zone, I’m being challenged to think that perhaps $15 million might really be just about the right size. Then, at the same time, I have people looking at my little $350,000 cabin/resort project and choking on the size of that as they try to decide if they are ready to take on a project of that caliber. (I have quietly chuckled over this one because we have reached the point where a $350,000 project is almost a nuisance) Perspective. ALL projects are too big or too small based on your perspective.

As an encouraging gesture (I’m sure), another friend told me the other day; “Think BIG. It’s only money….no big deal”! I was tempted to invite them along on the journey to secure funding for this “no big deal”. Instead, I kept my mouth shut. I know them well enough to know it’s a big deal for them to decide whether or not to muster up the courage to go out  and buy a new “used car”. Talk is kind of cheap as long as it’s not our own personal comfort zone we are dealing with.

Anyway, so here we are, “Going Big”, but then realizing it’s only “Big” depending on who you are and what you’re used to and what you are comfortable with. Someday, someone will look at this and say, “Wow, that was huge”! By then, hopefully, we will be looking back on it and saying “why were we so intimidated by that little project”? Perspective. Anything can be too big or too small, based on your perspective

What is your perspective of “Too Big”? For all of us, “Too Big” is that point where we choke on the inside and quietly try to disappear from the conversation, hoping that no one noticed that we crashed head on into the boundaries of our comfort zone.