What About 2019

2019Here we are on the brink of 2019. I have a custom going back to 2011 where I challenge everyone (Including myself) to consider what we plan to do or accomplish for the upcoming new year. I have a confession to make this year…….. Ready for it? Back when I started this “end of the year exercise”, I had just come away from a year where a number of people I know had made some very bold statements of what their “New Year” was going to look like. We were teaching goal setting, planning and investment strategies back then and I remember thinking to myself that almost all of the group had made big statements concerning their plans and ultimate success in them, but virtually none of them committed to any kind of actual written plan. So my confession??????? I’ve kept loose track of this group over the years and I’m STILL waiting to see any results out of most of them. A very few of that original group have accomplished remarkable things. (And I don’t mean just financial stuff either. Financial stuff is just stuff like anything else. I’m referring to life goals regardless of their nature)

So here we are and I pose the question once again, What about 2019? Will this be the year that changes everything? Will it be the year that ends with you saying to yourself, “Finally…. I did what I’ve been dreaming about for years!”

I hope so.

I see a year of open doors and possibilities ahead and when I look back at my “What about 2019?” posting, I have every intention of saying “What and Awesome Year it was!”

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