The “Side Gig”

A while back I received an email from a business associate that I’ve had some dealings with over the years. He was talking about a term he called a “Side Gig”. Sometimes I have a pretty good idea of what he’s referring to but not always. This was one of those “not always” times. The “Side Gig” he was talking about was something that he was doing as a source of income outside his “Main Gig”. Here is his explanation. Side Gigs are things you find that can add income to your pocket without expending much effort or energy. Side gigs seldom produce enough income to make a living, but can easily add a few hundred or a few thousand dollars to your bank account every week or month. Depending on their nature, they can potentially fit in with things you are already doing without too much effort.

4-entrepreneur-quotesI realized after reading his message that a large part of our income was made up of “Side Gigs”. Our main gigs are residential rental homes and resort vacation properties. Without realizing it we had developed a natural outlet for our side gigs, especially ones that fit with the vacation properties. You might call them “side businesses” and some could even grow into full time businesses. Our personal “Side Gigs” account for probably around $30,000 per year in income and $30k extra in the bank is better than $0 extra.

Anyway…… “Side Gigs” something worth thinking about!

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