Monthly Archives: December 2017

What About 2018

Each and every year about this time I’m thinking about the upcoming year. I try to write a little bit of something about my thoughts and perspectives on business, investing and the lifestyle that is a result of our annual decisions. Each year we find ourselves further down the path of our goals than the previous year, but ironically it almost never turns out quite like we envisioned it. I suppose the key is that as long as you have a target in mind and are moving toward it, you end up finding yourself someplace new every year!

Which is a good thing……….. I suppose!

Anyway, 2017 started with a huge business acquisition goal still in front of us. One we had been working on for over a year at the time. One that also came to a crashing end, by May. They don’t always work out the way we plan. In the middle of that, we were also faced with a small management crisis at one of the resorts. Downshift, change direction, step on the gas and by the end of the year, we had one of the most remarkable seasons yet in our resort businesses. SO, one of our biggest disappointments ended with one of our biggest business years. It balanced out just fine.

So what about 2018? Well 2018 to us is going to look like a continuation of 2017. We discovered something in 2017 that was unexpected and has changed our strategy a bit towards the better.

What about 2018 in your life?