Security in Chaos (Brain-Washing)

I have begun to realize something lately that may explain why I get perplexed any more when people fail to act on opportunities. I’ve come to realize that there was a point, and not that long ago, when I did the EXACT same thing. What changed?…… I believe what has changed is basically just one thing………. and it has to do with BRAINWASHING! ( I should probably insert “LOL” right now)

chaosActually, I believe I have managed to get myself brain-washed into thinking that life as an entrepreneur is much more fulfilling, more profitable, more secure and certainly more fun than any of my “steady paycheck” jobs ever were.  The trouble is that it just looks so …..Chaotic! Let me tell you that it feels that way a lot too! Well at least it did. Once I realized that it only “felt” chaotic at times did I start to figure it out.

Here’s where the brain-washing comes in. Starting about 20 years ago, I began to read all these books on business, investing, working smart not hard, owning the assets rather than working for those who owned the assets, creating multiple streams of income and so on. It just dawned on me. I’ve Become What I’ve Been Reading! I’ve managed to brain-wash myself into believing that it was entirely possible to own multiple businesses and do well at it. It hit me one day last week when I spent the entire day dealing with five different things related to five different businesses we own. It went as follows:

  1. Stop by the resorts to work through a housekeeping hiring issue then do some marketing strategy with the manager there.
  2. Fiddle (successfully I might add) with a boat at the marina that was not working properly.
  3. Drive to the Treehouse Property to check on progress and do some creative brainstorming with the builders.
  4. Make some calls to some of the rent housing operators to clarify a management change.
  5. Meet with a partner concerning a business acquisition we are in the middle of.
  6. End of the day – Go eat some barbecue ribs with the wife!

This is normal now. No more complicated or difficult than anything I’ve ever done on a job. It’s just different. Different because it’s multi-faceted. It has many moving parts. It’s not something that is necessarily intimidating when it’s cleanly defined in a daily planner. However, it probably looks that way because it’s not always something that can be cleanly planned from day to day. Some days it just happens in the order of the phone calls that come in. That feels and probably looks chaotic. In fact, it’s the kind of thing I’ve come to enjoy about life now. Knowing that by keeping all the parts functioning smoothly, I’m actually adding to the stability of life as well as income and possibilities.

I’m learning to “Embrace the Chaos” and enjoy the ride.

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