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How Would Johnny Do This?

Years ago, I belonged to a group dedicated to training people internet marketing skills. I learned a lot. I obviously haven’t learned nearly enough to be anything but modestly proficient at it. However, I have kept in contact with some of the leaders and trainers of that program and still receive the occasional correspondence from them. A few days ago I received an email from Tony. He asked himself a question that I had not really thought of before.

“If Steve Jobs joined my company today and had the same time, money and resources that I have…is THIS how he would work his business?”
His answer was a big NO! I’m not enough of a Steve Jobs fan to completely relate. But after re-phrasing the question to ask if Johnny Morris would work my business the same way I am, then the answer would be…………………………a big NO!
It’s taken about 4 days for the significance of this question to sink in. Last night I was beginning to understand the fact that the way I approach problem solving and business growth and development reflects my current business paradigm. The problem is that my business paradigm is made up of my business experiences in combination with my “untested” theories. I’m not at all sure of how Johnny Morris would run my business given the same time, money and resources. I’m pretty sure his business paradigm would cause him to do things radically different.
SO, I’m afraid that I am now about to embark on a new business development course of action. One where I ask myself, “What would Johnny do” each time I am making business decisions.
I wonder how this is going to turn out!