It Doesn’t Work Until You Own It!

Blog_own-itIt’s funny how we sometimes make simple things just too complicated. I had one of those “Slap my forehead” moments the other day when talking to a friend. He was telling me about a book that he had recently read that had a story about a slave who desired more than just his freedom. In the story, he wanted to not only gain his freedom, but he also wanted to “own” the field, “own” the tractor”, “own” the equipment and “own” the harvest. He understood that being a slave or being a laborer wasn’t much different. You either earned your “slave” sustenance. OR….. you earned a paycheck to provide for your sustenance yourself. Not much difference!

This is an area that I continue to chip away at during my wealth creation seminars. (I’ve never really put it so “to the point” as “You Just Gotta Own It”) but that’s what it really comes down to. Until  you own something, the something that you are working for is going to be working for someone elses benefit, not yours! (Did that make sense?) Of course, you can’t just “Own Stuff” it has to be income generating assets.(Read about owning income producing assets here)

But when I say you have to “Own It”, you do need to make the decision at some point to actually “Own It”. Owning assets is like cloning yourself from an income generating perspective. Own enough of them and your assets will out-pace your personal ability to earn money by a lot. In fact there is no limit to the number of assets that can be working for you. I heard the other day on the news that one prominent entrepreneur/businessman owns over 550 businesses. That’s a lot of asset power creating a lot of income power!



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