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The Missing Powerball Link

I’ve been watching with great amusement all of the powerball frenzy lately. It’s amazing how everyone is quick to display their good intentions if they were to become the winners. Now that the winners have been determined and the 200 some odd million (or maybe more) non-winners go back to life as usual, something strikes me as curious. Why is it that wealth is SO ATTRACTIVE when it’s easy, but so despised when it involves planning and risk and investment and knowledge and effort and strategy and WORK?

I think the concept of wealth is mostly misunderstood and very few have an actual working knowledge of how its created. I’m certain that this has a lot to do with why lotteries are so popular. You don’t have to learn anything, risk anything or really do anything for a chance to be instantly wealthy.   A friend recently said: Wealth and poverty are mindsets that precede money not follow it. If you give a wealthy man poverty he will become wealthy again. If you give a poor man wealth he will become poor again. (Thanks for the eloquence James)

Wealth creation has very few governing principles, but they are truly GOVERNING PRINCIPLES! The two that carry the most weight in my opinion are:

  1. Working for wages will never produce wealth. You are simply trading hours for dollars and there is never enough of you or enough time in a day to create wealth.
  2. Until you realize that wealth is created when you own or control income producing assets, wealth will be elusive to you.

The sad part about the passing of this particular Lotto drawing is that even though the odds were astronomical, it seemed that everyone jumped on board at the chance to hit big. Now that it’s over, it’s back to the normal routine completely bypassing the two big governing principles of wealth creation. It’s like its an all or nothing proposition.

If you want wealth, play the powerball if you must and work your job because you must. But above all, Learn and apply the principles of wealth creation because in the end, that’s the best guarantee!

So the missing link…………..What do you do between lotto and job? Learn and apply principles of wealth creation!