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Failing Every Year – Almost

I was reading back through the four years or so Ive been publishing the “Living The RE Dream” blog. I ran across something that made me laugh. It was about my annual planning ritual that usually takes place about this time of year. At the time, I mentioned that I had failed to meet my goals every single year except one. Since that time I have continued to fail every year to reach my annual goals. It sounds depressing doesn’t it?

More later

The Language of Limitation

I’ve never been too big on the”fake it ’til you make it” hype when attempting to become successful in something. A lot of that notion has to do with trying to become something you’re not until the reality of it sets in. In a way, I think it does work……kinda,….. partly because there is one element of it that I’m completely convinced of. That part is in regards to the things we say. I’m not going to get spooky or new age with this. Just consider the following. If we are not consciously trying to change the way we think or change our belief system, the things we speak will reflect our current beliefs. In other words, when we simply speak our minds in a normal conversation or thought process, we will speak pretty much who we are and what we believe. It reflects things that sometimes we wish weren’t so dominant in our lives.

For some reason, this became very clear to me in the last couple of months regarding the limitations that people will saddle themselves with without even realizing it. We had about a three week stretch recently where we traveled a lot and had a lot of interaction with family, friends, business associates and even tenants from some of our properties. I was astounded at the amount of limitation in everyone’s speech. Some of it was no surprise. Many of the tenants are rental tenants because they have no positive vision for their lives and that’s no surprise. I was surprised by the others. I discovered that people who claim to believe in opportunity, abundance, prosperity and a hope for success in something, mostly talked just the opposite in their normal conversations.

I heard things like:

  • It costs too much to drive down for a visit.
  • We are spending our evenings getting wood to burn to cut down on heating costs.
  • Gas is so expensive.
  • Food is so expensive.
  • We have joined a coupon class to save money.
  • We can’t afford it. (whatever “it” happens to be)
  • I took a second part time (minimum wage by the way) job to make ends meet.
  • And on and on and on.

To be sure, there is nothing wrong with any of the above situations or solutions. I myself have taken a part time minimum wage job once to make ends meet. ( I guarantee it was one of the worst uses of my time EVER!) The point is that when we speak dominantly to our limitations, it’s a reflection of a state of mind. It’s a language of limitation or lack. One of my favorite authors stated that his father forbid them from ever saying that “they couldn’t afford” something. Instead he required them to say. “How can we afford” something. Even though their circumstances were no different, the mindset of how they viewed them was completely different. The importance of this difference cannot be understated. There is a huge difference in expanding your income to fit your dreams vs. shrinking your dreams to fit your income. (read more about this and multiple streams of passive income here) The language of limitation is mostly about shrinking your lifestyle to fit limited resources. For those who are okay with that, I have nothing but respect and admiration.

I’ve been somewhat discouraged by just how many of my friends are allowing themselves to be governed by the language of limitation. I hope these thoughts help.