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Starting Over (Or From the Beginning)

Over the last two months I’ve received a number requests from former team members with Empower Network to help explain the program again. A few others who had never joined were also interested in starting. So, I’ve written this message in an attempt to help you understand the program. EN (Empower Network) is a on-line marketing program designed to teach…….On-Line Marketing. It includes, as it’s basic product, a blog platform (with training videos) but this is only the “Basic” product. With it, you can earn nearly 100% commissions when others join through your affiliate links. (Which also come with the basic blog product)

In addition to the blog site you get with the basic monthly subscription, they offer training modules to increase your ability to market the internet. These training modules do two things for you. They enable you to learn greater skills in marketing which translates into bigger income potential (both through EN and any other business you choose to apply them to). And, because you have purchased a training module, you also become licensed to earn commissions when others purchase those modules for themselves. I have personally earned as much as $1,625 in one day on several occasions with this feature. After a year and a half, I still continue to earn several hundred dollars each month just from the commissions on the basic blog product.

Make no mistake though, If you “Want to get Serious” with this business, then you need to get serious with it!

You cannot simply sign up, write a few blog posts and expect the world to come storming to your site!

Getting serious in this business means you need to need to dig into the training materials, learn them and apply them. AND, I would say, don’t bother unless you plan to get serious enough to purchase at least a couple of the training modules. I personally recommend “The Costa Rica Intensive” and “The 15K Formula“. Besides having incredibly powerful training in them, by owning them you can earn $500 and $1,000 commissions when people in your group purchase them.

So, What do you do to make money in EN? Do what I just did. Post a blog article and give people the opportunity to follow a registration link and sign up! Or simply follow this link to the Registration Page!

DID YOU GET THAT? If you want to get “SERIOUS” follow this link to get signed up!Registration Page

If you want to see an introductory video the company provides Go to this link: Introductory Video


Are You Worried About Being Alone?

Well don’t! Will I personally be there to hold your hand? No! But you wouldn’t want that. I’m no good at it.

Besides. Once you are a member, there are “Wake Up to Success” phone conferences almost every day. There are daily webinars and “Hang-outs” with the top producers in the company. You will be flooded with information and opportunities to learn how to do this from people WAY BETTER AT IT THAN ME! And when you join, they are all provided at no charge to team members!

Again, If you say you are serious, Clink the link. sign up, get your affiliate membership and the basic blog, The Costa Rica Intensive and the 15K Formula and then……………Get Serious!