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Freedom is my Issue

Every now and then I have to remind myself of the purpose of this blog. At times I will develop the need to rant a little bit. Even then it usually has some thin connection to my purpose which is not so much about investing as it is about the lifestyle that investing can make possible. I’ve said many, many times that the process of investing is not the objective. It’s the investing that provides the resources which sustain the lifestyle. For me, that lifestyle is exemplified in my definition of freedom. Mainly, freedom from the need to work a 40 hour a week job.

To understand exactly why this is so vital for me, you have to understand just how suffocating it is for me to be locked into a routine of basically selling myself to an employer for a few dollars a day. And the money is not even the issue. It’s the time lost performing a job that does not lead to the achievement of my personal dreams, ambitions and desires.

I’ve stated before that one must increase their resources to fit their dreams or shrink their dreams to fit their resources. Ironically, even though we have expanded our resources quite a lot, I still find myself investing into my dreams at a level that requires me to continue expanding resources even more. It’s not a greed thing. It’s a big dream thing! Big dreams require big actions and big resources. There are times when I really wish I was someone who could enjoy a small, comfortable lifestyle. The problem is…..It’s just not me.

entI think it is safe to say there are two parts to the purpose of investing or “entrepreneurship”. The first is that of defining the ultimate goal of your efforts. (to me it’s freedom to pursue my passions) The other part is the mechanics of the investing, or “entrepreneurship” that make that primary goal possible. It’s fascinating to me that we’ve been noticing that as we experience more and more freedom, we find that our investing and business activities are becoming more and more related to our passions.

As an example, where we started with basic residential real estate investing (which is not glamorous by any means) we are now becoming more involved with resorts, campgrounds and other recreational investments (still not necessarily glamorous, but certainly a lot of fun) Which all of that adds up to the lifestyle I spoke of in the beginning of this post.

I enjoy having a cup of coffee by the pool in the morning, visiting with some of the staff before they start their jobs for the day. I enjoy meeting and chatting with guests who are here to have a great time experiencing everything the Ozarks has to offer. I enjoy knowing that the business is in good, capable hands if I decide to hop in the Jeep with my wife and take off on a day trip someplace on a nice day. I enjoy waking up in the morning to find out that we have already made enough reservations that the daily business quota is already covered before we get out of bed. I enjoy the fact that all of that means I can go off and build a tree house cabin if I want to.

Freedom to enjoy life according to your definition of it!

That is what this blog is all about!


Seeing Opportunity

Great opportunities are not seen with your eyes. They are seen with your mind. ~ Robert Kiyosaki

Robert is one of my all time favorite authors and wealth creation coaches. He’s not a personal coach, but I extract his coaching by way of books, audio’s and video’s. His insight into business, investing and wealth creation has had a profound effect on my life and the lives of other friends who have also found a wealth of knowledge in his basic financial and easy to understand teachings.

The opportunity thought in his quote above was a fascinating truth. Most everyone wants opportunity (whether they admit it or not) Most say they are always looking for opportunity, but few can ever be found actually acting on an opportunity. I figure there are a couple of reasons for this. The first might be that they may be looking for the gold-plated opportunity presented on a silver platter where nothing can go wrong and there is no risk. By the way, these don’t exist simply because they seldom (if ever) make it outside the circle of serious investors who know how to act immediately and have the resources to do so. I would say that the other group who don’t act on opportunity are those who actually do find an opportunity but for what ever reason cannot muster up the courage to act on it.

I’ve spent plenty of time pounding away at the “Not Willing to Act” group, so I’m not going there today. I think that today, I will focus on seeing the opportunities in the first place. I firmly believe that opportunities are reserved for those who are able to see the missing parts of a situation. Usually, the more hidden the problems are, the bigger the opportunities are. It takes no special skill to take advantage of something that is smooth and successful. But there are seldom real opportunities for reward there either. The true skill of spotting a big opportunity with a big reward attached is the ability to see what “isn’t” there. Or, see what’s missing or what is being mismanaged or misused. Those things are not seen with your eyes because those things are missing or abstract. You have to be able to see with your mind’s eye all of the things you can’t see with your natural eyes.

There is also a truth that exists that the risk associated with opportunity is very real. The irony is that most risk can be mitigated with some education and knowledge. I personally find it ironic that few every seek out advice regarding an opportunity from those who have been successful in a specific area. Many will ask nearly everyone else and banter opinions about that have very little. Then, either act or not based on bad information.

Seeing opportunity is mostly about looking at things that do not seem to be successful and identifying what needs to change to make it successful. In sort, seeing the possibilities, not the problems!