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Another Blogging Income Update (It’s Still Working)

Today I transferred $850 more dollars from our blog account to my bank account. (Again) After a year, It’s still working! Even though I don’t promote it very heavily now, I think it still represents one of the most interesting opportunities I’ve ever encountered. At least for such a very small investment.

A little over a year ago, I decided to jump into the world of internet marketing by way of several blogs. Some free ones (like the one you are reading now) and some paid ones (like the one we’ve used to train ourselves on the art and science of internet marketing) If you are new to our story, we were looking for ways to enhance our internet presence for our resorts. We were told about the training tools that came  with a blog program that looked interesting to us. Yes, it cost some money. We got the basic program right away along with a monthly subscription program. We saw immediate success and soon purchased some advanced training modules. (I’m still going through all of the material, there is so much there)

I started blogging to dispense information. Some to potential customers and some to simply provide value to anyone wanting to access what I have to share. Here is an example:

If you want to learn basics about investing you can follow this link to: The Pursuit of the Investing Lifestyle – It’s free information.

If you want to learn about our Family Retreat project go here: Creating The Family Retreat – Also Free.

If you want to get information on how you can book a night at our family retreat, that is here: Cross Timbers Cabins The info is free. It will cost you to reserve a cabin!

If you want to learn about our Tree House Resort project, click the link. If you want to learn how to win a FREE NIGHT in a tree house go to: Free Night Drawing and fill out the registration form.

If you want to receive daily wealth creation tips emailed to you (Again……FREE) follow this link: Investips and find the subscribe form and submit your name and email.


If you want to learn how I have been using blogs to put money into my bank account every month (actually every week) then follow this link: Learn to make Money Blogging. You will see a video presentation on how it works.

Is this for everyone?   NO……….If you do not have a desire to learn something new or won’t take the time to watch the training videos or follow instructions then don’t do this. You will see by clicking the various links (and there’s more I haven’t listed) that I’ve decided to make this not only one of my income sources but one of my educational and training paths as well.

I’m proof that an old guy that is technology challenged can conquer the basics of internet marketing in at least a small way. If I can, anybody can.

And my spelling and grammar sucks on top of it………….But it still works!


Strategy for Saving $1,378

A few months ago I posted this very cool strategy for saving $1,378 over the course of a year. I was somewhat shocked at the response. In less than 24 hours it had received several hundred views and dozens of shares. (not quite viral as internet standards are concerned, but for my posts, it was amazing since most of the time they only get 20-30 views) I decided to post it again because I want to try to make a wealth building point with it.

52 week challengeFirst of all, if you want to save up almost $1,400 over one year this really is a cool challenge to get it done. The thing that started me thinking though was how popular this was and how excited people seemed to get (at least from the comments I received) over $1,378.

Personally, even though this is an interesting plan, I would never have the patience for it. The reason is that it represents a “saving” mentality which is a “slow result” process. I know, I’ve done it before. I remember my first attempt at saving as a process of investing. I was putting money into a mutual fund FOREVER! And after FOREVER, there seemed to be almost no progress. and worse yet, at 3% to 5% growth, there was almost no ROI. (return on investment)

After about 3 years of this, I told my investment broker to get lost! He argued with me, but, it was my money and he finally got lost.

Ultimately I learned the difference between saving and investing. My investing activities have turned as little as $1,500 in just a few days up to as much as $25,000 in a few weeks. I can’t get $25,000 every time out, but there is almost no problem turning $2,000 to $3,000 in a few weeks if I take the notion to just do it.

Here’s the point. If I can get hundreds of views and great comments by posting this chart on this page it tells me that people are hungry for some strategy to create some income. At the same time, turning a profit through a little bit of business or investing seems to remain a completely un-thinkable strategy to the very same group. Why is that?   Honestly, I wish I understood it. If saving $1,378 in 52 weeks is exciting, how much better would it be to do the same thing in just a few weeks?

I’ve done up to $25,000 in just a few weeks before in real estate investing. And that was not flipping a house for a profit! that was simply buying the right property, financing a rehab on it and putting into my regular rental inventory with $25,000 left over! (if you don’t understand how that works, you haven’t been reading this blog enough!) Besides real estate, I’ve created over $2,400 in income simply doing a blog with an income feature connected to it. (If you don’t understand how that works, go to THIS LINK  and watch a video explaining that method)Yu can also go to Millionaire On Deck to get a lot of FREE wealth building information and resources.

I guess my point is that if you are willing to spend a year saving up $1,378, you should be willing to try out some other things that can get you there a lot quicker. I am not a get rich quick advocate, but I’m certainly a get rich quicker than saving an average of $3.87 per day for a year advocate.

If you are the type that gets excited about the chart above, try getting excited about doing something that can get the same results in 30 days!

NOW……..If you aren’t the type to discipline yourself to committing to get results, then maybe you better stick to the $3.87 per day approach!

Thinking Big or Thinking Little

It’s only been recently that I’ve given this much thought. Since “Big” and “Little” are relative terms, any two people can look at the exact same thing and one say” it’s big” and the other say “it’s little”. This became clear to me this past year when a friend proposed an investment opportunity that I was all excited about…….until he gave me the price tag of $12,000,000. Yes, that’s 12 million dollars. I found out that my definition of “big” wasn’t $12 million big. Frankly it surprised me a little that I choked on it. I had always believed I could think big. This one, however, gave me my reality check on “thinking big”.

Soon after this experience, I decided to run a little test on my Facebook audience. I asked “Do you think big or little?” without exception, every response was “I think Big!” Some time later, I mentioned a deal that we were working on that required about a $1 million investment that I was having a hard time putting together. The responses were things like; “It’s only money”, “go for it, it’s not that much” and so on. True, it is only money and it isn’t all that much when compared to, let’s say $12 million. But nevertheless, when you are trying to talk a bank or other lender into turning loose of over a million dollars, it can be a daunting affair!

Here’s what I’ve concluded. Thinking big and thinking little means one thing when we have nothing at risk and something else when true risk exists. When my friend proposed a $12 million investment, I could have easily said “Hey, it’s only money, let’s go for it!” The problem was, he was serious! Had he been joking around with me, “thinking big” and even “talking big” would have been no big deal. Thinking big when the idea is “hypothetical” means nothing. Thinking big when the idea is real and in your face is something entirely different.

My personal “Thinking Big” threshold has grown a lot this year. At least to the point where committing to a $1,500,000 project is within my comfort zone. (It wouldn’t have been that way 12-18 moths ago) And here is the important point to all of this. Until we know where our “Thinking Big” threshold really is, we have no idea just how broad our possibilities are. I’ve seen people choke on as little as $500 for a down payment, or as little as $25 per month on a subscription fee all while claiming to be someone who can “Think Big” and “See the Big Picture”.

One of the true measures of wealth creation is how big can you think without cowering in fear when a real opportunity presents itself. I would say that if you are not capable of going out and start negotiating on a $100,000 deal of some kind, then you are only capable of thinking in terms of what is possible to accomplish with a modest paycheck. If you are ready to tackle a $250,000 project, then you are already on your way to creating wealth. If you find yourself choking on a $1,000 to $5,000 investment, then your thinking is pretty small (at least where wealth creation is concerned)

I’m tempted to run my “Thinking Big or Thinking Little” test again before publishing this post, but I probably won’t. We all like to believe we think big and act big, but it’s all relative. I remember my first investing project was in the $70,000 range and it took a lot of courage to make that decision. In fact, back then, it was well outside my comfort zone. I really don’t give much thought to that size deal any more. It’s almost the same as “Do we go on vacation this week?”

Your personal definition of thinking big is your own business. My challenge is don’t fool yourself into believing something that only counts in hypothetical situations. Ask yourself, “At what point will I choke when it comes to making a financial investment decision?” If you find yourself choking over a couple thousand dollars, it’s time to raise the bar!