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The Birth and Evolution of a Dream

This post combines several of my passions into one combined subject. As a real estate and business investor, I continually watch for opportunity among my surroundings. As a wealth builder, I watch for opportunities to build long-term, generational wealth for my family. As a “not quite grown up” 53-year-old, I’m still looking for ways to enjoy life to its fullest and experience new and fun things. SO……….my current project seems to be fulfilling all of the above and is doing so in the most amazing fashion in the form of……..Ready for it?……..TREE HOUSES of all things!

tree houseOur tree house project may have actually been conceived about 18 year sago when we visited a  tree house (sort of) resort. They weren’t really tree houses but they did have similar attributes and feel of tree houses. They were really just fancy, rustic condo type rentals near a lake. Still, the were somewhat elevated and had a very nice appearance. We tried but failed to make reservations there because they were booked far in advance.  The seeds were planted. We discussed for years how awesome it would be to have a tree house resort.

Fast forward about 15 years to 2011. After pursuing the Real Estate Investing business for about seven years, we decided to purchase and renovate a small resort into a family retreat. That project grew into a resort business with 2 resorts and miscellaneous cabins and lake homes. It also spawned a renewed interest in tree house cabins which ties to the subject of this post.

About a year into our “Family Retreat” project. I started a Pinterest Board entitled “Ideas For The NEXT Project“. Included on that board were several tree house pictures. As time went by there were more and more tree houses showing up on my project board. Shortly after that some friends took note of our interest and joked about building “one”. And then building “some”. And then building a “Tree House Resort”.  Soon, the jokes started getting serious to the point where in mid 2013 we were talking as if we had already made the decision to go for it.

In September we actually decided to start looking for a proper location and by October 1st, we were requesting information on various properties in the area. In mid December we had selected what we felt was the best option and made a tentative offer. In February as we found adequate financing, we made our formal offer and started our “Tree House Project” Pinterest Board. Now, at the end of May, we are one week from closing on the property.

Why such a long story? Well, dreams don’t necessarily happen overnight. Many times they must simmer on the back burner of our imaginations for a while before moving up to the front burner of action and reality. Wealth building is this way. If your dreams are large and seemingly unrealistic, don’t throw them out. Nurture them into something you can believe in yourself. From there you can get others on board and turn them into reality. The important part is to allow yourself to birth a dream!

Now that our Tree House “Dream” is nearly a reality, you can join in the fun by registering to win a Free Night. Go to “Sleeping in Trees” and find the Free Night registration. You may even want to browse around the res of the blog while you’re there and see what all we are up to!

Pursuit or Accomplishment?

A few day ago I posted a 3 year update on our cabin project. I mainly wanted to just do an update for all the ones who have been following along with our cabin adventure. I got a little bit of a different reaction than I expected. It made me stop and think that perhaps I’m not communicating very well. The dominant response was congratulations for the accomplishment.

First of all, I do want to say that I appreciate the kind words and compliments. After all, it has been quite the affair getting all of this back up and working well. The surprise, I guess, is that I have always viewed this as a big adventure and I enjoy celebrating the adventure and the journey over the accomplishment. When we embark on a new adventure, it’s exciting because we really only pursue the things that we really enjoy any more. So while most of our pursuits do have some form of business purpose to them, the joy is in the pursuit more than the completion or any accomplishment that comes with the completion. I guess I might even go as far to say that even if we never accomplished what we planned, I would get fulfillment out of the journey as long as it was part of a passion I had for life.

This weekend, we met with a group of “dreamers” like us and we got to see a buried dream come back to life for one of the group members. I will celebrate with them when they decide to chase their dream. What I saw in her eyes was an excitement for the dream, not the excitement of accomplishing something. Chasing a dream infuses life back into a person. Chasing a dream may be enough even if it never results in a completed accomplishment for entire lifetime!

Our next pursuit………….A tree house resort. I get to be a kid again!