Never Under-Estimate the Power of a Dream

canopy walkFor those of you who know us, or have followed this blog series, you should know that we believe in the power of dreams. Once a dream has “taken root” in your life, very little can dissuade you from attaining it. For a couple of months now we, along with some partner friends, have been putting the pieces of a dream together involving a Tree House Resort. It’s a dream some 15 years in the making for us. It started with a chance encounter with another tree house resort and the idea stuck. Three years ago, it took another step forward with the purchase of some resort cabins meant as a family retreat project. (learn more about that at “Creating the Family Retreat“) Or, at the Cabin website at

Three years ago also marked the first time we looked at the property we are now in the process of purchasing for our Tree House Project. Three years of on again and off again research into the next step. (plus the 15 years prior to the last three.) Now the dream is almost a reality.

I remember seeing a sign once that said “If Your Dreams Don’t Scare You, They’re Not Big Enough!” To me that has become a way of life. Life is too short to commit to wimpy dreams. A dream that you can accomplish in a weekend is not a dream, it’s a distraction. I spend weekends getting away from the business of the “Dream” when I need a break. Too many of us, myself included for many, many years, are too afraid of dreaming big. We let our “reality” determine our boundaries and our comfort zones. Dreams are meant to be bigger than we can hope to accomplish without planning and strategy and help from others and encouragement and even the occasional fail. Dreams make you vulnerable. They take you to places where failure is an option. It can be a scary proposition to believe in something that you have yet to prove to be successful.

Our Tree House Resort project still has all kinds of things that can potentially go wrong. It’s completely pre-mature to even be discussing it openly. After all, as of this moment, we still have not secured the funding for it. Does that matter to me? No. I am a dreamer and can’t wait to get started. What if I can’t bring the deal together? who cares! the WORST thing that can happen is that I’ve spent a few thousand dollars and a few months of effort to see a dream come true. Any embarrassment that may result in me getting ahead of myself is inconsequential. Why? Because I’m pursuing my dreams and whether I succeed or fail, the fact is I am engaged in what I believe and what I want to pursue.

The power of a dream will give you the ability to not worry too much about what other people think. The achievement of a dream will give you the satisfaction that you committed to live your life pursuing that which inspires you.

Live your dreams! and remember, If they don’t scare you……..They are not BIG ENOUGH!

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