Everyone is Successful

I was pondering the notion of success this morning and something finally dawned on me. Everyone is successful! At least at something. Success can be defined as; “The achievement of something planned, desired or attempted.” To me, one becomes successful at what they spend their time, energy and resources becoming good at. This can be good or bad.

I spent close to 25 years becoming good at a job which was producing specialty medical equipment. Only after about 15 years of it, did I realize that it wasn’t what I enjoyed doing. BUT, Because I was good at it (or successful at it) it was very difficult to break away from it. SO I became successful at something I didn’t like and was trapped by it because of the success. Thankfully, I found myself in a place where continuing on in that field became much to painful of a decision and I was finally able to escape.

I have friends who are very successful in their jobs and careers, even in their hobbies. One is particularly successful in fishing. I will never be a very successful fisherman. I am completely happy being a moderately competent fisherman. Why? Because being successful at fishing does not bring me anywhere near my life goals. I have another friend who is wildly successful at video games. I will always be completely inept at video games. It’s simply not something I choose to spend any time, energy or resources becoming good at. Why? Because for me, the time lost to that would take me in the complete opposite direction of my life goals.

Here’s one of the big problems with success. If you choose to spend your time becoming successful at something, you have chosen to commit to that thing above other things. Perhaps even other important things. Or it could be said like this…. If you really want to become successful in a particular thing but chose to spend your time, energy and resources on something else, you will never achieve success in what you say you want. Here’s a ridiculous example. If you want to be a successful brain surgeon but decide to spend all your time working as a cook at McDonalds during the day and playing video games all night, you will never achieve success as a brain surgeon! But yet, we still tend to do this.

I have achieved some pretty good success at real estate investing, but only after I began to spend my time, energy and resources becoming good at it. I know others who would like to experience similar success in real estate investing, but have not been interested in committing any time, energy or resources to it. Therefore, their attempts have been unsuccessful. Sadly, most end up feeling like they don’t have what it takes. In reality, they all have exactly what it takes, other than the commitment to become good at it.

Lately I’ve decided to become good at on-line marketing because I believe it’s a tool of the future and I want to be competent in it. I have a small amount of success so far because I am just barely starting to get good at it. What little success I have experienced so far has been, I believe, because I’ve spent time working on it (like this blog post for example) I’ve spent resources on it by purchasing training material. (just like I do with the real estate investing) and I have committed to becoming good at it (at least to the point where I am satisfied with the level of success I’m after) Like with the RE investing, I have friends who would love to become successful at internet marketing and enjoy the income from it. Still, success in anything requires the commitment of time, energy and resources to become good at it.

You will be (and probably already are) successful at what you spend your time energy and resources doing because that’s what you have gotten good at. Ask yourself what you are best at. Then ask yourself if that’s what you WANT to be successful at in life. If it isn’t………….

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