Monthly Archives: October 2013

Purpose and Focus

I watched a thought provoking video last night about how much of our lives are spent doing all the things we do and how little is left over for us to spend doing things we believe to be important to us. I was fascinated by the parts where we spend our time doing things of really no value, ie: watching T.V. (or playing games on our phones) After watching this, I am even more challenged to continue finding those things that have purpose for me and continue to focus my productive time and attention on them.

Do I Even Need to Explain This?

You can’t catch one of these….


Fishing here!

small pond

Do I even need to explain this?

Crashing into the Boundaries of our Comfort Zone

Once again, I was out the other day with one of my good friends, and probably soon-to-be business partner. We were continuing to scout locations for a project we are working on. As we drove through one location just to get some ideas, he looked at me and said; “We’re thinking too small”! He was referring to the size and scope of what we were looking at compared to the size and scope of what we were planning. In this particular context, our project seemed like a “week-end back yard project”. In reality, it’s a $3 million plus sized project. It just proves that perspective is everything.

I’ve been thinking about this for a few days now and trying to decide if what we are planning really is too big (or maybe too small). When compared to a few rental houses, this project is big. When compared to the project we drove through, you need to break out the magnifying glass and tweezers just to find our little $3 million project. Perspective. Our project is too big or too small based on our perspective.

Now that I am acclimated to $3 million being a “just right” sized project for my comfort zone, I’m being challenged to think that perhaps $15 million might really be just about the right size. Then, at the same time, I have people looking at my little $350,000 cabin/resort project and choking on the size of that as they try to decide if they are ready to take on a project of that caliber. (I have quietly chuckled over this one because we have reached the point where a $350,000 project is almost a nuisance) Perspective. ALL projects are too big or too small based on your perspective.

As an encouraging gesture (I’m sure), another friend told me the other day; “Think BIG. It’s only money….no big deal”! I was tempted to invite them along on the journey to secure funding for this “no big deal”. Instead, I kept my mouth shut. I know them well enough to know it’s a big deal for them to decide whether or not to muster up the courage to go out  and buy a new “used car”. Talk is kind of cheap as long as it’s not our own personal comfort zone we are dealing with.

Anyway, so here we are, “Going Big”, but then realizing it’s only “Big” depending on who you are and what you’re used to and what you are comfortable with. Someday, someone will look at this and say, “Wow, that was huge”! By then, hopefully, we will be looking back on it and saying “why were we so intimidated by that little project”? Perspective. Anything can be too big or too small, based on your perspective

What is your perspective of “Too Big”? For all of us, “Too Big” is that point where we choke on the inside and quietly try to disappear from the conversation, hoping that no one noticed that we crashed head on into the boundaries of our comfort zone.