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The Action Factor

Over the past weekend, we have moved ever closer to the next big project. As we began “Scouting” for locations, I was thinking how the size of the support group diminishes when it gets closer to “Action Time”. I suppose its normal and reflects the true condition of either the spirit of adventure or the level of confidence. I can really only speak for myself, but at age 40 I was ready (more than ready) to stop living the life of conservative existence and strike out in the direction of adventure and pursue some dreams. (and I’m not referring to some wimpy dream that can be accomplished on 3 weekends and at no risk) No, I’m referring to something that is bigger than I can do and requires more resources than I have and is probably bigger than I have left of my lifetime to accomplish!

To me, the prospect of ALWAYS stretching for the next step is exhilarating. Tense sometimes for sure, but intensity beats monotony any and every day. Monotony was getting up every week day to the sound of an alarm at 6:00 am. Scrambling around to get to work to do the same thing, solving the same problems. Driving home in rush hour traffic realizing that  I just did the same thing today as I did yesterday and will do tomorrow. Every weekend getting the chance to unwind a bit, do a few short things for myself and then get psyched up for the next week. (I’m breaking out in a cold sweat just writing about it)

On the other hand, the project I am gearing up for now has adventure written all over it. Every part of it is big, bold, exciting, ground breaking and, to a degree…..uncertain. I’ve shared bits and pieces of it with many. The whole picture has been reserved for the “Inner Circle” of “Can-Do” people who I know will not cower at the thought of taking some real action.

Here is what’s interesting to me and kind of the point of this article. When I talk big plans, (or even small ones for that matter) I can see in the eyes, comments, body language, just where a person’s comfort zone is and where their panic boundaries are. Let me say this. we are a culture of very small thinking, very small comfort zones and very small panic boundaries.

I’m not going to name names or point fingers, but seriously, some of you need to expand your “Zones” a little! If you are going to talk the talk, then let’s see some walk the walk. I’m looking a project that could develop in three different sizes, The smallest option will likely be about $1.3 million. Second option would be probably about $4 million. (I’m not even going to mention option 3. That one is currently beyond my comfort zone) But even then…….There are a certain set of circumstances where option 3 would be worth the pursuit.

Since I’ve thrown out the bits and pieces of this latest project, I’ve already seen most of my friends run for cover. Even facebook friends that I don’t even know that well have suddenly disappeared. Maybe they think I’ll try to get them involved. Maybe they think my talk is just talk (time will tell on that one) or maybe the thought of stretching beyond the boundaries of a comfort zone hits too close to home. If that’s the case…..I’m not sure what to say other than let me offer my condolences.

If you’ve let your dream die. If you’ve intentionally killed it. If you are letting it starve to death of mal-nutrition, shame on you. I would hope that everyone has a dream too big to fit into weekends, too big to fund with your piggy bank (or even a home equity loan) and will take long enough that you couldn’t possibly complete it in your lifetime!

Ignorance is NOT Bliss!

If your favorite food is white bread and you have never eaten a good bagel then perhaps ignorance is bliss when you buy your first cheap bagel and it tastes like white bread. You are getting what you like and have no idea how bad it really is! As I write this on a Wednesday morning, I am eating a BAD bagel. If I were after a piece of white bread toast then at least I wouldn’t be disappointed. Okay, enough of the analogies.

The ignorance of things only makes you accept cheap alternatives for the good things you don’t even know exist. Okay, one more analogy. I worked with a good friend years ago who met me for lunch one day at one of my favorite restaurants. One that had some killer New England Clam Chowder. He went on a tirade about how disgusting clam chowder was. He said his mom made it when he was a kid. She made it out of a can! Well that explained it, He was ignorant to what good clam chowder was. He actually agreed to try some at the restaurant and guess what? Ignorance was no longer bliss. He loved it. Okay, enough of the analogies! Really!

Things like bad bagels and bad clam chowder really don’t affect our lives much beyond robbing us of simple pleasures such as good food. Ignorance of financial literacy, on the other hand, can rob us of much, much more. Ignorance of these things cannot be described as “Bliss”.  I am nearly 53 years old and have dedicated most of my education for the past ten years to understanding personal financial principles, business and real estate investing. I have removed enough of my ignorance in these areas to have become a millionaire. Looking at life from this side of things, I can tell you that its like the bagel and clam chowder. If you don’t know what the good is, you will settle for the bad.

Settling for the bad in personal finance looks like moving from one low paying job to the next somehow believing that the next one will be different. No it won’t. Ignorance to this will lead to being 65 years old and still working a low paying job at Wal Mart or McDonalds because you chose to remain ignorant to understanding personal finance. Ignorance will cause you to buy things that become burdens to you. invest in things with low R.O.I. (if you don’t know what R.O.I. is, then it’s just another area of ignorance that will keep you broke)

People can be divided into two categories when it comes to ignorance. The first can be overcome. Those people who have never even heard of bagels much less if there are good ones and bad ones, but they still want to learn. At least these people can be enlightened and go on to choose if they want to experience the good, the bad, something in between or nothing at all.

The second group is exasperating to me. They are the ones who seem to be determined to remain in their ignorance. They hang on to things that don’t work. They refuse to consider anything different from their current paradigm. They scoff at others who are trying something new or different. They tend to live in the past and embrace things that have become obsolete. And here’s the big one……They refuse to be open to the fact that maybe there’s a better way………….. Small statement, HUGE implications.

I have one retired friend, (who will never read a blog post, so I’m okay here) who fit the description of the second type of person I just described. (and I know there are many more who fit this description) Even when we were experiencing success, their answer was always, too much work, too much reading, I’ve got a good job, I can get social security in a couple of years, you take money too seriously, and on and on and on and on…………..

Today he gets a social security check, which does virtually nothing for him. He works a low paying job (probably minimum wage, I don’t have the heart to ask him),  to make up for what social security doesn’t cover. He struggles to do necessary things and forget about enjoyable things, there’s just no money for that. Here’s the kicker. His belief in WHY life has come down to this is; It’s a combination of bad luck, misfortune and the “government and employers cheating us”!

NO…………It’s because of IGNORANCE and Ignorance is not bliss!

So……Choose to remain ignorant believing that what you don’t know won’t hurt you.

Or…..Choose to open up to the fact that maybe what you don’t know could rob you of your best potential!

Another Update

It’s time for another update on the internet business. If you are one of the ones quietly watching along the sidelines, I have some new perspectives to share. Of course, everyone wants to know about the money and I’ll get to that. But there’s an element that may be more important than the quick cash, and it’s something that has proven itself to me this summer.

To me, the most important aspect of this “blogging business” (It’s really not a blogging business) is that all of the tools that are available, make it possible to take a person from “Internet Marketing Ignorance” (Like Me) to Internet Marketing Competence. (Like the “New Me”)

Let me explain.

Money moves around in Cyberspace……………. LOTS OF IT!

When you decide to join the little $25 blog business, you basically get a chance to dip your toes in the “Cyberspace Marketplace” and test the water. You receive enough tools and training to actually make some decent money……If, you decide to follow the training and do what you’re taught. Once there, you quickly realize that blogging is one tiny tool in a giant tool box full of internet marketing strategies.

If you decide to just “blog” your way to income, you can. It’s mostly what we have done. I have ONLY implemented free marketing strategies, (Minus a couple of web domains and hosting for a total of about $30 per year) I have chosen to do this for 2 reasons. One is that I’m still learning many of the advanced techniques and simply have not had time this summer to focus on them. The second is that it’s nice for others to know just what can be done with Free Marketing!

Transition to Income Statement

We have been doing this just short of 8 months and have made right at $8,000 through the marketing system itself.

I can only estimate the difference it’s made in our other businesses. I believe the principles I’ve learned and then applied to our resort business has probably produced about $4,000 in additional revenue this summer alone for those businesses. It’s income that I believe we would not have received without the training from the marketing modules.

Bringing me back to my main point.

Marketing as a Life Skill

I am completely convinced……COMPLETELY CONVINCED……That anyone who chooses to engage in internet commerce will see their future get brighter and brighter (at least from an income point of view) There is a cross roads where each of us have to make a decision. It’s the “Information age” cross roads. What do we do? I have chosen to make it a point to learn to do commerce in the future “Playing Field” rather than employ the obsolete strategies of the past.

You will make that choice as well, whether you believe it or not. Choosing to NOT ACT is a choice to become obsolete in the market. My peers in the resort market where I compete are experiencing this without even knowing why.

They don’t even know who their enemy is!

Their enemy is not me!

Their enemy is their ignorance of the tools I use.

Don’t get swallowed up by those who choose to employ the right tools for the world we now live in.

You can become enough of a trained expert in On-Line Marketing to stay ahead of the ignorant majority. (no disrespect intended) It’s just the truth. I have gone from knowing virtually nothing about internet marketing to actually being somewhat competent in 8 months time. I’m learning more every day and it’s paying off in cash and in dominating a small resort market. That’s a lot for 8 short months!

I am going to say this straight up. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF to commit 6 months to this. You can choose later to go back to the stone age if you want. This is your opportunity to get on the cutting edge and stay there!



By the way………..It will ask for your email. I’m the only one that will see it.

It doesn’t cost anything to watch the video, so you are not going to get “secretly charged” for something you don’t want.

It’s INFORMATION………….. If you don’t want INFORMATION, you will probably NEVER discover anything NEW!


People already wonder how we were somehow able to become millionaires with that “Scary Real Estate Infomercial Nonsense”

Well we did by learning something new and taking action


People are already wondering how we are making money with that “Scary On-line Marketing Nonsense”

SAME THING…..We are learning a new skill, taking action and its producing a growing stream of wealth!


HERE’s THE LINK ONE MORE TIME!    On-Line Marketing Program

Do yourself a favor. Invest a small amount in your future and give it your best shot!

Budget or Abundance

I was not sure where the most appropriate place for this post was because it has financial as well as Spiritual connotations. I decided on the financial and investing page but it could fit either one. (If you are interested in some of the Spiritual ideas, you can link to them HERE)

This thought hit me in the middle of the night and has stuck with me all day. Do we live by the principle of a budget or by the principle of abundance? To me, it is a very thought-provoking subject. Here’s why.

When living life according to the principles of a budget, by default, we are choosing to reduce our life and dreams down to the size of our financial reality as we see it today. It implies that there is a finite amount of resources available to us and we must work to stay safely within those boundaries. Those who live by strict budgets are usually stable in life but seldom think or dream beyond their budget. They may “fantasize” about abundance and even claim abundance, but in reality, everything seems to be pretty well calculated to fit within the boundaries of the budget.

When living live according to the principles of abundance, one MUST believe in the fact that there is ALWAYS more than enough and more than is needed. An abundance of resources of every kind! I’ve found that I’ve scrapped the idea of a budget long ago. The whole idea and process of wealth creation requires embracing the idea of abundance. It is practically impossible to create substantial wealth working within the confines of a budget. Especially if it’s a meager budget.

Working according to the principles of abundance, one will constantly be operating beyond a budget. I estimate that we personally function about 20%-30% beyond our abilities. That necessitates a continual life of action and creativity. THIS IS A KEY, (I believe). Abundance manifests itself when choose to operate beyond our financial boundaries. Obviously, there is an element of wisdom that must also manifest, otherwise we can become a slave to debt and create the opposite of abundance and freedom. Having said that, our creativity flourishes when we are functioning beyond our resources.

Personally I’ve found that when we are working 30% over budget, we seem to gain about 30% in net worth over the course of a year. And we create about a 30% increase in passive income as well. I also find that when we retreat back to operating within our “Budget” that we do not see any increase in income or equity. ISN’T THAT INTERESTING!


A New Skill

I began this blog a couple of years ago mainly as an open real estate investing conversation between me and those interested. Investing is a multi-dimensional process that not very difficult to learn or implement. To me it is one of the very few endeavors that can literally take a person from “Broke” to “Millionaire” in a relatively short time. We were able to do just that in a little under eight years. Read about it in a 23 part series HERE.

Learning a “NEW DIMENSION”

Back when I started this particular blog, I did it because I wanted to expand my  technical abilities with internet marketing. I believed that those who embraced internet communication would always have an “edge” over those who did not. I decided on a blog to start with and then shortly moved into learning how to develop a basic web site. Neither were anywhere as difficult as I imagined. I still am not very sophisticated in my skills. Still, I am getting results that are certainly an improvement over my non-technology” days. In fact, the early results inspired me to step my learning curve up a bit and take it more seriously. It was time to add skills!

From Curiosity to Commitment

Back in January of 2013, I stepped up my commitment to not only embracing technology but to start profiting from it as well. Many of you have followed my jump into on-line marketing and have sat on the sidelines watching to see how it all works out. (I might add that there are still people sitting on the sidelines watching to see how our real estate investing all works out………..Check it out in our 23 part series HERE.

Okay, Sorry……being a little sarcastic there!

But seriously, there is a point to my sarcastic quip! Internet marketing is not unlike real estate investing in many different ways. It doesn’t take any formal skill or education. It doesn’t take a big investment. (much smaller than re investing in fact) It is a skill that can be learned and it has the potential to create millionaires.

Will everyone create millions? No. Only because it takes one ingredient that you must provide on your own and that is the will to make the decision and the will to see it through.

Our First Year

Our first year in real estate investing, we owned 4 properties that produced a total of about $550 per month in net income after expenses. Out first 8 months of our internet marketing business has produced an average of a little over $1,000 per month. (and growing at a nice pace) We are invested into an On-Line Marketing program that teaches EVERYTHING necessary to create hundreds  of thousands of dollars if it’s learned and implemented. It goes without saying that not everyone will see success, just like not everyone will become successful real estate investors. Why, Not everyone will have the same level of commitment and persistence. ONLY YOU can provide that most critical of elements!

This is the link to where you can decide to make an investment in your On-Line Marketing future.