Changing the World

Something today reminded me of a comical experience I had several years ago. It was when we were just starting our real estate investing business. We were meeting with friends and having a “dream building and planning” session. Nothing profound, just getting together and encourage one another to pursue our dreams.

As we went around the room sharing our vision, goals and plans, one couple declared “We are going to change the way the world does ________________”! (sorry, don’t want to get too specific.) Inside I had to chuckle a bit. The whole world was pretty well entrenched in ______________, and thinking that it could be changed in one year was kind of amusing.

NOW, I’m not criticizing or ridiculing the enthusiasm of this young couple. In fact I would rather see a giddy enthusiasm for the impossible over a sour pessimism over the possible! The only problem was that it was completely unrealistic and therefore doomed to become a disappointment.

You cannot change the world if you cannot pay your cable bill. In fact, if you have a cable bill in the first place, you are probably not focused on priorities that can change the world anyway. I love giddy enthusiasm. But giddiness will not sustain you through the obstacles encountered with goal achievement or vision fulfillment.

If you want to change the world……Start by changing your world!

You can focus on the rest of the world once yours is heading the right way!

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