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When do you Consult with a Millionaire?

When Do You Consult with a Millionaire?


Well the short answer is: WHEN EVER YOU POSSIBLY CAN!

A millionaire (or at least the ones who have actually become millionaires, not just inherited it) have been through things you haven’t. They’ve learned things you haven’t. They’ve experienced mistakes and failures, that maybe you have, but they have recovered and kept moving forward.


There are two areas where you can learn from a millionaire.


The first area is general wealth building principle.

Believe it or not, a millionaire DOES NOT play by the same rules everyone else does. Does that mean they are somehow cheating? NO. It means they have graduated from T-ball to major league. There are just different rules. The first thing a millionaire will say is “You have to get out of the T-ball and little league and step up to the big league!”

Here are some rules that millionaires don’t play by:

  • They don’t play by the “hourly wage” rule.
  • They don’t play by the “earned income tax” rule.
  • They don’t play by the “fall in to consumer debt” rule.

They have learned a whole new set of “realities” that work in harmony with wealth creation. And they can teach you those realities. IF……… are willing to change your game!


The 2nd area where you can learn from a millionaire is Specific Knowledge

For example, I can teach you how to become a millionaire in residential real estate investing. But, I would cause us both to go broke in stock market speculation. That’s because I do not have the skills or knowledge to build wealth in the stock market.

Likewise, while I’m good at real estate investing, I’m learning from another millionaire in on-line marketing. I’m learning fast and seeing success, BUT, he’s the big league player, I’m just moving out of Little League in this arena.


So, you learn from a millionaire both in general wealth and specific knowledge that they are competent in.

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Don’t Wear Your Wishbone Where Your Backbone Ought To Be

I ran across this quote the other day………..“Don’t wear your wishbone where your backbone ought to be.”

When I read this, I immediately thought of all the people I know who “wish” for this and “wish” for that. All the while, never taking any action to make those wishes come true. It’s as if just the act of expressing those “wishes” were enough to satisfy the moment.

I believe there comes a time in ones life where the wishin’ needs to turn to action. Either that or you need to just get real with yourself and stop wishin’!

Hope is one of the most powerful forces in a person’s life. But even the Bible says that “Hope deferred makes the heart sick”. If you wish for something to improve your life, (within the bounds of legal and moral limits) then get rid of your “wishbone” and trade it in for a back bone!

Since this is a forum for the discussion of investing, then that’s what I will relate this to today. If you have a wish that your financial life would be better, easier, more abundant, or whatever………. then make some decisions, put on your work boots, get some tools and get to work. When I say “tools” I don’t necessarily mean hammers and saws, etc. I’m talking about physical tools if necessary, educational tools without question and even some motivational tools.

Wishing will not change anything without adding Action. In the world of social media, we are slowly acclimating to the idea that clicking a “Like” button means that we’ve somehow taken an action. Don’t let your wishes be the substitute “Like” button in your life.

Even if all you are after is a $5,000 financial cushion in your life. Make that your decision. Make that your action plan for the next 12 months. $100 per week will get you $5,200 in savings in the next 12 months (even before you add any interest)

If you’ve been wishing that you had 100 rental properties to fund your vacations, retirement, kids future or whatever……but you haven’t bought your first one yet…..Make a decision! Get the info and knowledge you need and take some action!

“Don’t wear your wishbone where your backbone ought to be.”


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Income from all Directions

This blog is specifically about creating an “Investing Lifestyle” Many times, days will go by without change in the normal routine. Then there are other days that are like “trade mark” investor days. Today was one of those days for us. You’ve read my post I’m sure about multiple streams of income. (Just in case you didn’t, read it here) Today we had income show up from rents, cabin reservations, sale of two houses, online marketing from 2 sources, and affiliate marketing income from one of the web services that we use and promote.

While today was a busy day for us, we really didn’t do anything today that made money today. ALL of the income we receive today showed up from things we did anywhere from 2 months to 5 years ago. The things we did today will bear fruit 1 month to possibly years into the future.

This May Be The BIG SECRET

When I worked a job, I knew exactly what would be waiting at the end of the week. (enough to continue to survive) Now, enough comes in from consistent and reliable sources, PLUS, there are days like today when extra shows up from other directions. Can you depend “Exactly” on all of that? No, but I do know that there’s enough in the pipeline to cover it and something is always “on the way”. It’s not quite like getting a paycheck for the same amount every week. It’s more like getting one paycheck each month that’s fairly consistent (and about twice as big) Plus getting random ones all through the month that range anywhere from small to HUGE!

The Pursuit of Freedom (time freedom)

This will be a very short post today. I’ve found that the more freedom (both time and financial) I experience, the more I want others to experience it for themselves. It’s like if you are 40 years old and tasting ice cream for the time. You just never knew what you were missing!

I have fought for the financial and time freedom that we have the privilege of experiencing now and I have a hard time understanding why more don’t seem to even want a taste! Maybe its fear, maybe a sense that “It can’t be that good” maybe a sense of lack in some way to ever be able to achieve a financial and time freedom for themselves.

I don’t know. I speak of Time Freedom because that’s far more important to me than the money by itself. The financial freedom produces a time freedom. I can’t bring many people into the real estate investing that we’ve gotten so good at. But anyone with a dream and a desire can achieve………well, the sky and your own desire to excel are the limit through the on-line marketing we do.

We’ve only been at it for about 6 months (at this writing) and have enjoyed quite a bit of success and I feel we are just getting ourselves going good.

It costs nothing to check it out and you could find yourself in a financial freedom machine. (and the cost is almost laughable compared to the potential!)

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Building a business for the Outcome, Rather than the Income.

Building a business, whether it’s your on-line business or some other business, it usually begins with trying to gain income. Gaining income is enough of a reason to build a business. But a while back my son-in-law said something very profound. He said. “We invest for the outcome, not the income!”

Very interesting. When we started any of our businesses, we always focused on the income. I noticed that as we shifted our focus to the “Outcome” instead, that’s when our business went to a new level!

So what does that mean? Well, to me it means rather than just focusing on the money, we began to focus on what the money would achieve for us. The Outcome.

To us, the outcome of our efforts was to achieve a freedom in finances that allowed us to leave our jobs and never have to worry about having a job or working for a living ever again.

With that goal achieved, we are moving on to other “Outcomes” that are far larger than a bank account. Maybe another way of putting it is build your business to achieve your dream, not just to get a big bank account.

(Although while you’re building for the outcome…..The “Income” is Great!)

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Am I Missing Something?

I must be missing something somewhere. Maybe there’s a “New Reality” out there that I just don’t relate to. I remember back when I was first married and having kids and being unemployed. Jobs were scarce and so I supplemented our income between steady jobs by working odds and ends jobs around town on my own as I could get them. During that time I bought tools when I could to do a larger variety of work.

When I did have a steady job, I ALWAYS KNEW that in the event I lost my job or was “down-sized” I could also ALWAYS fall back on a secondary skill to earn income. That “Ace up my Sleeve” gave me the assurance that no matter what an employer decided, I would always have something to fall back on.  A couple of times, that “fall back” plan kept us going.

In 1993, we moved to Missouri to a new job with lots of promise and I sold most of my tools in the move. 3 years later it became obvious that I and my employer were going to have to part company. For the first time in almost 20 years, I didn’t have a fall back source of income. I had sold my tools, had not formed any new contacts, and worse, I was at the mercy of an employer who had no problems with cutting my pay and making me work any and all hours of the day and night.

It took me about 3 months to ramp up my fall back plan which gave me back my leverage. When I decided it was time to go our separate ways, life for me continued uninterrupted.

So why the long story? Twice just today I ran across people who had either lost their job or had their hours reduced. Both had discussed side businesses or investments with me over the years and both had decided that they had good jobs and would like an additional source of income but didn’t have the time or the interest in developing one.

So today, both are dealing with the reality of reduced wages and still seem to be no closer to understanding that they are more in “the driver’s seat” than they appear to think they are. All it takes is a decision to start putting a plan together that reduces or even eliminates their future vulnerability to employers or economics.

We enjoy the reality of financial freedom, defined by the fact that our businesses and investments create enough income to sustain our modest lifestyle. It started with making sure we had a back up source of income in the event of job loss. It slowly grew to having enough income to completely off-set income from a job. It has now evolved into multiple sources of income that come in whether we work or not. If something happens to any one of them, the others are still there.

I don’t understand why that seems to be such a difficult concept to understand.


Am I Missing Something?

Pro-Active vs. Re-Active

Internet marketing is a cutting edge income producing wave of the future. The biggest majority of people admit that it’s true, But that same big majority are doing nothing to prepare themselves to take advantage of it as it continues to grow.

I was faced with another “Wealth Building” principle in real-time again this week. This is like the 10th or 12th friend or family member that I know that has had to deal with this in the past year. A friend sent me a message letting me know he had lost his job and needed to generate a new source of income QUICK!. We had spoken about establishing a secondary source of income about 6 months ago and there was no urgency to do so then. Now all of a sudden, it has become urgent.

This story plays out in lives every day

And it plays out, not just with money either. As long as there is no crisis happening, there appears to be no need to make plans for a future crisis. But the minute a crisis happens, then 6-12 months worth of planning, strategy and execution needs to take place in 24 hours! That is called “Reactionary Behavior”. The person is simply reacting to the crisis after it happens.

The opposing behavior is one of being “Pro-Active”. Being Pro-active means that there has been enough thought and planning ahead of time to account for crisis down the road somewhere. Obviously, it is not possible to account for EVERY thing that could possibly happen. That would be obsessive paranoia concerning bad things happening in the future and would ultimately rob one’s peace.

Being Pro-Active on the other hand is looking ahead to the few things that could disrupt your life and deciding which ones are high enough of a priority to create a plan to insure stability in the event of a crisis. Or possibly even avoid the crisis al together.

Let go back to the job loss, because that is an easy one to analyze. At one time in history, there seemed to be a long-term stability for workers who were skilled and reliable. Today, that trend may still exist in some sectors, but the largest majority of workers now work in an environment of uncertainty when it come to employment, Whether due to the economy, the change in technology or just simply age, employment is a much more uncertain prospect than it was even a generation ago.

The answer in this case is actually fairly clear. To be pro-active with insuring a constant source of income, there are options.

1. Continue to train and educate yourself to insure a demand for your skills.

2. Develop additional sources of income that insure against loss of one source.

3. Branch your skills out into other fields of knowledge and/or income.

4. Own the company and control what it does.

OR, Better Yet……………….ALL OF The above!

Our discussion  6 months ago had to do with the income stream associated with internet marketing. We had achieved over $2,300 in our first month. While my friend thought that was great, he seemed to have no urgency for that back then. We he contacted me this week, there was a “Reaction” type of urgency. As of right now……..I’m not sure what he will do, It may be too short of notice for this opportunity to work out for him in this particular crisis. Then on the other hand, maybe it would be a good time to become Pro-Active and make a decision to avoid  the next crisis.

SO……….I SAY AGAIN…………..

Internet marketing is a cutting edge income producing wave of the future. The biggest majority of people admit that it’s true, But that same big majority are doing nothing to prepare themselves to take advantage of it as it continues to grow. I’ve chosen to be Pro-Active in this area and it’s already producing income for me and growing every month.

You can find out how I’m training myself for this wave of the future by clicking this link: Internet Marketing Income

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If you decide to enroll here, you will find hundreds upon hundreds of hours worth of training videos, audio’s and workbooks to give you the cutting edge advantage over all of the reactionary people around you!

Changing the World

Something today reminded me of a comical experience I had several years ago. It was when we were just starting our real estate investing business. We were meeting with friends and having a “dream building and planning” session. Nothing profound, just getting together and encourage one another to pursue our dreams.

As we went around the room sharing our vision, goals and plans, one couple declared “We are going to change the way the world does ________________”! (sorry, don’t want to get too specific.) Inside I had to chuckle a bit. The whole world was pretty well entrenched in ______________, and thinking that it could be changed in one year was kind of amusing.

NOW, I’m not criticizing or ridiculing the enthusiasm of this young couple. In fact I would rather see a giddy enthusiasm for the impossible over a sour pessimism over the possible! The only problem was that it was completely unrealistic and therefore doomed to become a disappointment.

You cannot change the world if you cannot pay your cable bill. In fact, if you have a cable bill in the first place, you are probably not focused on priorities that can change the world anyway. I love giddy enthusiasm. But giddiness will not sustain you through the obstacles encountered with goal achievement or vision fulfillment.

If you want to change the world……Start by changing your world!

You can focus on the rest of the world once yours is heading the right way!