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You Can’t Cross the Finish Line Standing in the Starting Gate!

get startedLet’s think about this for a minute. Perhaps you’ve read our Millionaire story or not. But either way, we have been honored to have the opportunity to help encourage many, many friends and acquaintances in wealth building principles. Everything from real estate investing, business building, now resort ownership and management and internet marketing.

I’ve learned and I believe that crossing the finish line only becomes important once the race has started! Until then…..The most important thing is STARTING!

Lack of starting is the big crucial step that keeps most people from finishing!

Wealth building is that way.


My 6 month “Take” on Internet Marketing

internet marketingIt’s been six months since I started the on-line marketing that I’ve been doing. I thought it might be a good time to do an honest review of my experience. First of all, there are a couple of factors that have helped (and hurt) my efforts. I’ll cover those first.

Things that have helped!

1. I have not had to go through as much “wealth mindset” acclimation.

Creating wealth takes some “reprogramming” of the way you think about income generation and wealth creation. I have been learning that stuff for quite a while and did not struggle with the wealth mindset as much as some people do.

2. I already had adapted to the Entrepreneurial Attitude

Again, this is something that when you embrace the entrepreneur within you, wealth building activities begin to come more naturally.

3. We had a success story under out belts already

We had already reached a significant success milestone that added some credibility to our story.

4. An appreciation for the “Value” of internet marketing. (This is Huge….Do you believe this?)

Even though I knew virtually nothing about on-line marketing, I was smart enough to believe that it was the “future” of marketing and if I ignored it, my business would always struggle to keep up with those who embraced it.

Things that hurt!

1. Our other business activities require a lot of attention.

This gives us less time than I would like to really focus on the on-line marketing. But in a sense, it’s no different from anyone that may be limited in time by working a full-time job.

2. Very limited “Tech” skills

While the “Tech” knowledge ISN’T as important as you think, there are a few learning curves that I had to overcome being an “old guy” that didn’t grow up around computers. (IMPORTANT: lack of tech ability is no reason to stay away from on-line marketing – it’s not that hard to learn)

My Assessment

1. The Money

First of all, everyone always wants to know how much money there is. I’ve made over $5,000 in a little under six months.

2. The Time

During the winter when I started, I was able to spend more time because it was our slower season at the resorts ( I spent probably 2-3 hours per day in January and February. Unfortunately, by the time I was starting to get the hang of what I was doing our resort season got underway and I’ve maybe only averaged about a half hour per day from March to July.

3. The Investment

We started with the basic Blog and the Inner Circle products from the beginning. I bought the Cost Rica Intensive and the 15k Formula about 3 weeks later. Then the Masters Course about 3 months in. We own all of the products and are licensed to sell all of them for 100% commission.

4. Side Benefits

My resort and investing businesses have really benefitted from what I’ve learned so far. The biggest key to all of this is gaining followers and increasing internet traffic to you or whatever you are promoting. I haven’t even covered 1/2 of the educational material yet and have seen about a three-fold increase in customer traffic to my other businesses. ALL of the INCREASED TRAFFIC has translated into INCREASED BUSINESS and INCREASED INCOME for all our businesses.

5. The On-Line Marketing is by far, the EASIEST thing I’ve ever done to create income!

This sounds like a bold, possibly even unrealistic statement. Let me explain. If you plan to learn to earn through the power of the internet, You have to find some method of doing it. This has been easy, effective, simple to implement, can be done from anywhere, (living room sofa to the beach) and literally has a “world-wide” reach.

It is unbelievably inexpensive and has unlimited income potential.

The “Catch”

If there is a “catch”, I’d say it would be one of two things. First is you must do it or don’t do it. There is no middle ground. Yes you can get in at the basic level and piddle around with it, not make much money, get frustrated, quit and say it doesn’t work. OR, you get in, get with it. Do what the training says to do and become successful.  The second “Catch” is that it’s tempting to just try the “cheapest” basic blog product and expect huge results. If you invest small, you receive small! to make $500, $1,000 and $3,000 commissions week after week and month after month, you need to own those products. When you own them, you learn how to market better and you create the environment to make big money faster.


A few weeks ago I was remarking to someone how wealth creates options. I believe wealth is nothing more than a medium which enable “Options”. Personally, what we experienced before was a lot of paycheck to paycheck kind of living. The funny thing is that it’s not too different now but it’s more “Event to Event” living. Our life keeps everything in motion to the point where even now, we will find ourselves scratching to pay bills occasionally.

What does that mean? Does it mean that wealth is no different that living paycheck to paycheck? No. It means that you have the option to do so or not. Wealth can be a big security blanket or it can be the means to expand your life experience and capabilities!

Our attitude towards money largely determines our success with handling it.