What about 2013?

This morning I was browsing through some old postings and ran across a couple of time capsules. One in the form of a newsletter article that was done on our investment story by one of the infomercial companies that sell real estate investing courses. In 2009 we had made, what we thought, was a pretty good dent in our investing business. Now at the beginning of 2013, 2009 seems like ancient history. Even though it has been less than four years since that story, it seems like we had just begun to scratch the surface back in 2009.

The second thing I found was a posting I had kind of forgotten about. It was written exactly one year ago today, January 8, 1012.  The title was “What About 2012”. https://livingtheredream.wordpress.com/2012/01/08/58/ I had been working with many who declared their desire to begin building an income producing business of their own all during 2011. By the end of that year, almost none had taken a first step. Now, exactly one year later, almost none have taken that first step.

I wonder on January 8, 2014 how many will have taken that first step?

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