Wealth, Politics and Core Values

Mostly I’ve tried to avoid getting into politics on my blog posts. However, this is a post were I think the connection can’t be avoided because of the impact we have allowed politics to have on our lives. When I say politics, I’m referring to both policy and politics. This post is about how to reconcile the seemingly opposing components of Wealth Building and our personal Core Values. There is a dominant thought in the country that the pursuit of wealth or the possession of wealth somehow cannot be compatible with one’s core values. I believe there are two reasons for this. The first reason is that Wealth Building is a mystery for almost everyone therefore difficult to attain. It certainly was for me for about 45 years. The second reason is, because it’s a mystery, most of us need a reason to justify why we don’t possess wealth for ourselves. That reason becomes either; “Money’s not important to me”, Money is the root of all evil”, “Rich people are heartless and mean and greedy”, or some other similar stance against wealth. A statement of this kind automatically creates a “Core Value” within the person that causes them to oppose any suggestion of wealth creation for themselves and question the motives and oppose anyone who pursues wealth creation. I personally do not know anyone who would refuse a “no strings attached” gift of $100,000.  This tells me that everyone would take it if it were given to them, but somehow become opposed to creating it for themselves because it doesn’t fit their core values. The truth about core values is that money doesn’t change your core values. Your core values determine and regulate your attitude toward wealth and your utilization of wealth.  If wealth is used in selfish, unproductive or evil ways, it’s only a reflection of your core values on display. If wealth is used in productive, generous and noble ways, It’s only a reflection of your core values on display.

Having said all that, there is a choice each person must make for themselves and it has to do with core values. Are you one who will admit that you would take the $100,000 if it were offered to you, or would you stand on a principle that says “it’s against my values”? I’ve heard hundreds of people declare something to the effect of “If I had a million dollars I would do this or that with it” all reflecting noble gestures of generosity and compassion. That may be true, but the fact is you will never know until the opportunity presents itself. And, if you are fundamentally opposed to wealth, you are safe in the fact you will never likely encounter the opportunity to prove what you would do if you had a million dollars. So I believe there is a fork in the road of our lives that demands we truthfully answer the question “What do I believe regarding wealth?” The only two answers available are; “I believe my core values would make me a responsible steward of wealth” or “I believe my core values are not strong enough to make me a responsible steward of wealth”.

Wealth enhances the scope of what’s possible. Core values determine how that enhancement becomes reality. Core values of greed will always produce more acts of greed. Core values of generosity will always produce more acts of generosity. If one believes they have the core values that lead to acts of generosity, compassion, creativity and good deeds, then there is no reason to be opposed to the creation and accumulation of wealth. For that person, wealth would be used as a tool to build schools, orphanages, museums, homes, women’s shelters and on and on and on. There is no limit to the good that can come of it. Then the question becomes; Will I or will I not learn to master the mysteries of wealth creation?”

Mysteries are only mysteries as long as you don’t have the answers or the knowledge. Mysteries disappear when you gain knowledge. Risk disappears when you gain knowledge. Confidence suddenly appears when you gain knowledge. The mysteries of wealth creation are no longer mysteries to those who have mastered the fundamentals of wealth creation. Just like the mysteries of auto mechanics are no longer mysteries to those who have mastered the fundamentals of auto mechanics. There is no difference. There are  only degrees of willingness to master the mystery.

Finally to the politics and policy. To me, politics is one of the other major outside forces that oppose wealth creation. Regardless of administration or  party, every policy, whether mis-guided or not, is created to have a general effect on the country as a whole. Every policy affects every person to a degree. Some to our benefit and some to our detriment. There are policies that attack and destroy wealth creation and there are policies that enhance and promote wealth creation. We get to choose how to structure our efforts to take advantage of the positivepolicy  forces and avoid the negativepolicy  forces. The state of the economy provides both obstacles and opportunities to wealth creation. There is no question that national debt and spending will continue to make wealth creation more and more difficult to those who choose not to master the process. There are also obvious long-range ramifications to not getting spending and debt under control. Policies will continue to be developed (mis-guided or not) to correct this. Meanwhile, the politics of the process will always, ALWAYS….. create fear, hopelessness and hesitation among those who can not or will not muster up the courage to step forward in their own wealth creation plan. In fact, the politics is increasingly creating an atmosphere that promotes looking to the government for solutions to individual circumstances and choices. This is encouraging a core value of “co-dependant security” from the government. Sadly to say, the poverty group have already succumb to the system, but now the middle-class are also beginning to fall victim of that system as well.

I see a generation developing who feel that a specific lifestyle is their” God-given” or “Government given” right. Just like the ones who oppose wealth building but are not opposed to being given $100,000. They will take whats offered, but not create it for themselves. This is a grossly mis-guided attitude. The fact is God gave us life and the government guarantees that we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If happiness to one person is poverty, then so be it. If happiness to another is watching your lifestyle diminish due to policy and politics, then so be it. If happiness to another is changing the world around them through the generous and wise use of wealth, then so be it.

Wealth creation is an individual choice and an individual act. My mission is to help remove the mystery of wealth creation and promote development of core values both in the individual and the family group. A family group sharing common core values can change the direction of generations to come. A family groups sharing common wealth creation objectives can also have great impact on the world around them in countless ways. It all starts with core values, knowledge and courage.

One response to “Wealth, Politics and Core Values

  1. Everyone needs to hear this information. It is all so true. I’ve recently heard another thing in regards to policy, politics, etc. When (not if) taxes, gas prices, etc. go up; the best way to overcome those things we CAN’T control, is to make more money.

    Sitting around worrying and complaining about tax raises, higher gas prices, etc. won’t help anyone. It is actually a counterproductive mindset (core value) that must change for you to acquire wealth.

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