Monthly Archives: August 2012

Dream, Plan, Act!

A couple of days ago I had a long talk with my son-in-law who along with our daughter has been developing their own investment business for several years now and are just starting to really see some serious growth and accomplishment in it.  We were looking back on and laughing at some of our more painful or humorous experiences. Discussing why some things worked well and other things didn’t. Why that in an economy where business owners should be providing the best product and service possible to stay in business there are still those that seem not to care about quality, promptness, honesty or integrity. (try to figure that one out!) then we hit on something that we both found to be a little sad.

Before you read any further, be prepared to be challenged if you fit the following description.

Both of us actively try to encourage our friends, family, people in general and complete strangers to “pursue your dream”. What we have seen is that almost everyone says they have a dream and are pursuing it. But what it seems like is that almost none of them can actually define or describe their dream in any kind of detail. (usually it’s so vague that it could apply to literally anyone) and secondly, even if they can define their dream, most have not taken any serious action on it for weeks or even months. Much less a consistent plan of action that creates a steady momentum towards their dreams.

I don’t know why this bothers me, other than I remember lying awake for hours at night years ago feeling trapped in a small world that seemed like would never open up to the things I wanted to see and do. Slowly the gears of the dream machine inside me began to turn and develop and then one day vision began to come alive. Its said that a man who begins pursuing his dream is like a 20-year-old car that someone drops a 1,000 hp motor in it. And its true. The motor can almost be too much for the drive train and chassis, but oh man, does it feel good! That’s what I don’t see in most people who say they are pursuing their dream.

If you dread Monday mornings. If you work all week just to get to Friday and a couple of days off to do what you want. If you can’t take the vacation you really want and have to settle for what your bank acct can handle. If (like I used to do) lay awake at night thinking “is this as good as its going to get?” If you say you have a dream but can’t really define it in detail. If you have a dream but haven’t really spent any significant amount of time on it. Then one of two things are going to happen. If you are like 95%, you will continue just the way you’ve been going, convincing yourself that someday your ship is coming in and then everything will go your way. OR, You will be like the 5% and: Get a Dream, Develop a Plan, and then ACT!