Simple Math

At risk of sounding like one of the late night infomercials that run on TV about real estate investing, I’m going to start this post with a cheesy statement. Cheesy but true! You can become a millionaire in real estate investing in a short time. Its all just simple math…..and time.   FIRST……It’s important to make some definitions very clear. The first one is the time factor. When I say short time, I don’t mean overnight or even in a year or two. Time is relative to the size of the endeavor. Building a $5,000 vacation fund is a one year project. Becoming a millionaire is something 95% of us will never accomplish in an entire lifetime. So to set a 15-20 year millionaire goal is relatively short term thinking. To illustrate the possibilities though, I will use some very simple math. (you use whatever dollar goal you want and can believe in, $100,000,  $250,000,  $500,000 or  $1,000.000, the math is the same)

Real Estate Investing is all about addition and multiplication. For math’s sake I’ll use $50,000 for the average price of a 3 bedroom investment home. $50,000 x 20 = one million dollars. If you were to acquire 2 properties per year and put them on 15 year mortgages you would control $1,000,000 after 10 years and due to mortgage amortization you would be about half way to a millionaire. Continue with 2 properties per year and you would be a millionaire in 15 years with 30 properties that are being paid off at the rate of 2 per year. Not to mention that while mortgaged, they should be producing $100 – $200 per month each in cash flow. After pay off they will produce $400-$500 each per month in cash flow. Now its time to do the math that fits with your own goal. Maybe try 4 properties per year. All you have to do come up with a combination of time and properties that fits your goal. We have always done at least 2 properties per year and the most was 17 per year. Certainly its possible to build a million dollar portfolio is a “relatively” short time.

We teach it and you can learn it. The math is simple. The big challenge is buying the right investments. Anybody can do it. If you want more information how you can begin your millionaire journey, you can contact me at   

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