Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

Here I am, 51 years old and doing my best to acclimate to the information age. I am doing things now that weren’t in my vocabulary six months ago and weren’t even terms and words a few years ago. So, I’ve joined facebook and starting to understand that. I have struggled to create a blog and have just been challenged to upload a picture. (Thanks Cassie! lol) Finally, Got that conquered. Recently got an i-phone, still pretty much use it to make phone calls, but texting is pretty cool too! Learned to create an actual website (from templates..Is that cheating? I think not!!!!) www.crosstimberscabins.webs.com .

This old dog is constantly at the extreme limit of my capability and comprehension of technology. Still tomorrow’s another day and another opportunity for me to step into something I have no idea how to do.

Thank God theres still simple things in life like how to close a real estate deal with no money in the bank.

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